Creativity, business and self-esteem

April 2015

Esa Evans is leading a jewellery workshop for Solace Women's Aid in May 2015. We expect a lot of laughs and exuberant bursts of creativity from everyone involved.

As Esa will tell you, jewellery MATTERS! Women - and men - have been wearing jewellery since... forever. Even the simplest trinket can be loaded with memories of love and loss.

Learning new skills is a fast-track way to building self esteem. A jewellery workshop is an opportunity to discover that we all have it in us to create something new, unique, wearable and lovely. Jewellery making skills can be shared and passed on too. We hope that the women taking part will pass on their new skills to their children too. Who knows, some might even look forward to giving Lady Muck some competition one day.

Please show your support for Women's Aid and its work in supporting women and children against domestic violence: Donate Now. Thank you!


Modern art

December 2014

Inspired by the works of Ben Nicholson, Esa Evans has designed an exclusive Lady Muck of Whitstable collection for The Pier Arts Centre in Stromness, Orkney.

The collection reflects the mid-20th Century period of British modern art. The bold use of shape and colour also echoes The Pier Arts Centre's own place in it's harbourside landscape.

From its award winning buildings, the Pier Arts Centre loans key works out to exhibitions around the world and partners the Tate and exchanges programmes, ideas and skills with the Plus Tate network of visual arts organisations across the UK. You can find out more about visiting and supporting the Centre by visiting its website.


Ant Music

November 2014

Following Disco Ants' success at the Saatchi Store in Chelsea this summer, Lady Muck has created ant stud earrings that quite frankly are ant music to our ears.

While Rafael Gomezbarros' giant ants roamed the walls, Lady Muck's disco ants are perfect little ear studs in gold plated or black power coated stainless steel. Along with the disco ant necklaces, they are an irresistible tribute to nature's toughest little workers.

Buy them now from the online shop or find them at a Christmas event near you.

Press, stylists and retail stockists should contact Lady Muck directly via the Contact page.


Don't miss out: Lady Muck events & discounts

November 2014

Lady Muck's Christmas 2014 collections of Broadway, Berry Christmas and Snowflake are available at craft fairs and festive events taking place this November and December in Canterbury, Folkestone, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Stoke Newington and Whitstable.

Jewellery lovers are invited to sign up to Lady Muck's newsletters for details of new collections, discounts and events direct to their preferred email address. Simply visit the Contact Me page to add your details.


Whitstable's Museum of Fun

October 2014

Led by the inspirational and delightful Joanne Bartley, Whitstable celebrated the pop-up Museum of Fun with a whole range of art, science, cardboard and workshop fun at the Umbrella Centre, St Mary's Hall.

Lady Muck led jewellery making workshops for children and adults. Generously letting a little daylight in on her magic, we discovered for ourselves how much fun can be had turning colourful, recycled materials into gorgeous bottle-top jewellery.

Fingers crossed the Museum of Fun will pop up in Whitstable again next year.


Rock stars and festival queens

August 2014

Lady Muck jewellery has been stepping into the limelight this summer.

Twenty years after their last concert, Slowdive reformed and chose Latitude as their only UK Festival appearance in 2014. Throughout their 2014 tour, co-vocalist Rachel Goswell had been earning plaudits for her "beatific presence", "serene smile" and "cooing vocals". But what really wowed Lady Muck, was seeing her Honeycomb & Bee Necklace on the BBC 6 Radio Music Stage.

Rock goddesses aren't the only ones falling for Lady Muck's charms. Lady Muck's favourite weather presenter, Kaddy Lee-Preston opened proceedings at this summer's Kent Wildlife Trust's Festival of Wildlife. She chose kissing rabbits, yellow birds and teacups to celebrate the Trust's festival of fun, creativity and wildlife.


Spotted at the Design Museum

July 2014

This summer, the Design Museum is celebrating everything that is current and exciting in the world in its Designs of the Year 2014 exhibition.

You can imagine how pleased we are that the exhibition coincides with the Museum's choice of Lady Muck's Chakra Spot necklaces for inclusion in its Shop this July and August.

Inspired by Damion Hirst's Pharmaceutical spot paintings -- "It was just a way of pinning down the joy of colour" -- the chakra necklaces reflect the perfection of spots in rainbow colours.

To find out more about other beautiful products selected by the Design Museum, click here


Retro-Future at the Museum of Scotland

May 2014

Sold out!

Don't worry - Lady Muck's integrity is intact. In fact, according to the Red Door Gallery her Retro Phone Necklace workshop at the Museum of Scotland "could not have brought more smiles to people's faces!"

Lady Muck provided a limited edition range of vintage telephone pieces, enabling each participant created a truly unique piece - learning some handy jewellery making skills along the way.

Created as an homage to the late, great Lou Reed, the New York Conversation is now available at the Red Door Gallery in Edinburgh, Lady Muck's online shop and at other selected shops and galleries across the UK.


Gold & Giant Ants at Saatchi Gallery

April 2014

When Lady Muck spotted that Rafael Gomezbarros was bringing his ants installation to the Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea, she knew her Gold Ants necklace would be a perfect addition to the Saatchi Store.

Based on the original Disco Ant necklace, this is a weighty gold-plated, stainless steel piece on 46cm chain, measuring 11 cm across. Sales have surpassed expectations - which we think is a reflection of the brilliance of Gomezbarros' giant ants and not just because people love the idea of having glittering ants marching across their décolletage!

The Pangaea exhibition of new art from Africa and Latin America is on all summer until 31 August. The Saatchi Gallery a joy to visit at any time of year, but make time in your summer diary to visit Pangaea and experience the colour and heat of African and Latin American art for yourself.



March 2014

Good fortune and fabulous fantasies travel hand in hand in Lady Muck's Chinatown collection.

The mythology of Chinese dragons is that they bring good fortune to those who need or deserve it.

In the Year of the Horse, Lady Muck has celebrated the wild freedom of galloping horses in black or silver acrylic. Seemingly ready to leap off the necklace, these horses capture the movement and excitement of adventure and escape.

The final pieces in this capsule collection are the playful ryukin fish, shimmering in gold or orange acrylic as necklaces and stud earrings.

Prices start at just £12 for galloping horse studs. The complete collection is available online and with selected stockists across the UK. Please contact us for details.


Flirting with fans

February 2014

What Lady Muck doesn't know about flirting, isn't worth writing about. Her way with a fluttering fan and a come hither glance has travelled far beyond Whistable's shores. Before long the fan aficionados at Greenwich's Fan Museum wanted to know more...

Could she...would she...make some fan pendants just for them?

Well since they asked so nicely, Lady Muck was only to happy to oblige and began work on some exclusive designs. Her bespoke, exclusive fan pieces are now available to buy at The Fan Museum in Greenwich.

The Fan Museum contains the UK's largest collection of fans - 4,000 of them - dating from the 11th Century. With stories to tell about flirting, fashion, advertising and commerce around the world, the Museum is well worth a visit.

Find out more here:


Seascape inspiration at the Turner Contemporary

January 2014

The Turner Contemporary Gallery in Margate has been an uplifting place to visit for its exhibitions, seafront location and indeed, its shop. The shop has been a tremendous showcase for designers around Kent and Lady Muck is very proud to have been working with the Gallery since its opening in 2011.

When the retail team asked Lady Muck to consider producing bespoke jewellery pieces for the Gallery, the vast windows on to the ever-changing, luminous seascape became a source of inpsiration.

Lady Muck's Turner collection echoes the soaring, acrobatics of the seagulls in mirrored, assymetric pieces. These are available exclusively from the Gallery's shop: